The Academy Schedule

The Academy occurs in 3 phases with successful evaluations necessary to move on from each phase to the next. The Academy usually runs once a year. All participants must enter in the Immersion Phase (no testing out). Program size is limited to five. Below is the breakdown of what you can expect from the Academy:

Program Dates

The program begins late spring with the next cohort slated for Summer 2023 and will follow the rough schedule below:

  • April - May Academy Pre-work (remote)
  • June - July Web Application Immersion Phase (from RoleModel's Holly Springs headquarters)
  • August Internship Phase at various locations (on site at one of RoleModel's offices)
  • September Frontend Development Immersion at various locations (on site at one of RoleModel's offices)
  • October - DecemberApprenticeship Phase in one of RoleModel’s offices
  • January+ Residency phase in one of RoleModel's offices 

Residency Phase: Quarterly evaluations continue as long as the participant shows progress and until they reach the Developer I level at which point they become a full employee with bonuses.

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Immersion Phase Topical Schedule

The two immersion phases are separated by an internship in which skills are applied.

Web Application Immersion

  • Weeks 1-2 (evaluation period) Fundamentals of Good Test-Driven Object-Oriented Programming
  • Week 2 Client/Server interaction, Test-Driven-Development for Distributed Systems
  • End of Week 2 First Evaluation - Must pass in order to continue
  • Week 3 Object-Oriented Systems Thinking, marshalling/unmarshalling, Interfaces
  • Weeks 4 HTML, CSS and Design Principles
  • Weeks 5 Basic of Web Servers (Rack and Sinatra)
  • Weeks 6-8 Web Application Frameworks (Rails)


  • Weeks 1-4 Applying your skills alongside our team.

Frontend Development Immersion

  • Week 1 Fundamentals of Test-Driven Object-Oriented JavaScript Development
  • Week 2-3 Full Stack Test-Driven Development (Node.js + Rails + React)
  • Week 4 Working with a larger codebase, frameworks immersion using LightningCAD

The Typical Week During the Immersion Phase

Most weeks will look a lot like the following, but may change slightly from week to week:

Monday - theme kick-off

  • Introduce the foundational concept(s) and the problem for the week
  • Begin exploration concept(s)
  • More background on concept(s) and introduction of project assignment
  • Begin work on project to cement concept(s)


  • Work on individual projects with help from each other and mentors


  • Additional instruction on the theme concept(s)
  • Work on individual projects with help from each other and mentors
  • Introduction of supporting principle(s)


  • Work on individual projects with help from each other and mentors

Friday - theme wrapup

  • Work on projects and prepare for 15-minute presentation with help from each other and mentors
  • Each participant will present in 15 minutes or less what they have accomplished and learned.
  • 12:15-1:30: Participation in RoleModel's "Chow & Pow-wow" (RoleModel brings in lunch and members of the team or visiting Craftsmen present on professional development topics)

Saturday - optional

  • All Day: RoleModel's studio is open to all participants to come in and work on their project(s) or assignment(s)

Sunday - day of rest

  • RoleModel's studio will not be open to participants unless special arrangement is made due to extenuating circumstances. All are encouraged (but not required or expected) to worship the Lord at the church of their choice and rest from their hard work

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