Craftsmanship Academy

Training the next generation of top software developers.

How do you become a Software Craftsman?
Train under a Software Craftsman.
Ken has been training and mentoring software craftsmen for decades. His unique approach immerses the novices in real world problems that provide the opportunity to achieve specific goals to achieve a broad understanding of the craft. As the students gain more experience they are consistently asked to do more. When they have finished Ken’s program, they are ready to begin. I’ve been pointing folks who want to learn how to make software to Ken and RoleModel for years. I’ve seen the effects he’s had on others. I’ve seen multiple apprentices transformed into amazing software developers. Ken knows how to make software, he knows how the business world works, and he knows how to teach. This is the type of solid program that will create the software craftsmen of tomorrow. You can skip directly to learning solid, proven practices at the hands of software masters instead of spending years earning a degree before you start your real education.
Daniel Steinberg
Dim Sum Thinking
Duff O’Melia
Jared Richardson
Agile Artisans

Finally, a program that lets you do that.

Software development is a craft backed by real science, engineering discipline, and creativity. But unlike traditional crafts, the training model has not been well-established by those who effectively practice the craft… until now.

RoleModel Software has been a leader in Software Craftsmanship for many years, and has a proven string of apprentices who have become leading craftsmen in their own right. The cry for more craftsmen like these has been heard.

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Latest News:
Incoming Class of 2014 starts December 9, 2013
We had to sort through some great candidates from those who applied to enter the Academy that begins December 9. In the end, we ended up with 6 super individuals, some of which are changing careers and others entering their careers. (See our various financial models). Our next Academy session will probably begin in 2015. Continue reading…